What makes simple pos pool different?

Well, this question can only be answered by a user of Simple Pos Pool…

Why Simple Pos Pool?

We´’ll try to show you some strong points to help you decide why you should choose Simple Pos Pool. Like in any service, there are always some pros and some cons. Usually the service only tells you the pros and the cons must be discovered by yourself. This is one point that makes us really different because we try to show you always the cons first, and the good news comes at the end…


  • You´ll lose the control of your coins
  • You have to trust our service
  • Withdrawals have one main time frame, but can happen several times during the day
  • Support by email can take up to 24-48 hours
  • We had a big issue in July 2018


  • Over 38k registered members on the main site
  • Over 11K members on discord
  • A strong community on discord
  • There´s always someone to help you
  • Over 2.3K active masternodes (1871 shared and the rest are dedicated)
  • Over 50 coins to choose from
  • There is NOT only one coin developer with a bad review about us
  • Over 8K daily unique page views
  • We ofer always staking rewards from masternodes coins (if the coin has this spec)
  • SPP is one of the biggest service of this kind
  • We are online since December 2017
  • Completely transparent
  • You know always your masternode address to be able to follow on the explorer
  • We have discord bots in real time where you can follow the earnings


You can compare both, take your conclusions and you´ll find out that we´re reliable. Ok, we had some big issues in July 2018. Our database crashed and we had to rebuild it and lost 0.1% information, but with the help of our great discord community, it was very easy to recover this info and it took only 2 weeks to be back on track and unstoppable. Since than we have been growing on a daily basis without bigger issues.

Simple Pos Pool daily unique page views

It´s always easy to say what you want, but one image is stronger than 1000 words. We used two services to verify our stats and you´ll see the links below.


hypestat simple pos pool


similarweb simple pos pool

With all this information it´s easy to conclude why those >38K members choose Simple Pos Pool to help them generate stakes and masternode rewards.