We need your vote for a free listing on Simple Masternode

Vote for a free listing on Simple Masternode

As you´re already know, we´re about to start our newest feature called Simple Masternode. There are so many masternodes coins that makes us to difficult to choose which we should pick to start with the feature. Here´s where we need you… Please vote on which we should start with….

vote on simple masternode

We prepared a list with many masternode coins that we think are the most wanted and ask you to vote for one or more coins. You can vote as many times as you want, but only the 20 most voted will start at Simple Masternode.

We suggest to vote for the one you want and share it with your friends to let them vote too. Why not share it withing the discord of that coin too if you really have a big desire for a specific coin that you wnat to see listed?

We´re waiting for your help…

Do you want to vote for another coin? Just refresh the page and vote again…


What coin should we list for free in Simple Masternode?

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