We don´t support the LPC and LGS swap

After trying to talk with the team and discuss the swap, we are forced to deny the swap as we usually do. No response were received untill the time of writing this post and the way they are doing it don´t give us the trust we need to perform the swap for our users. To be honest, we think that we didn´t even understand it right the way they wanna do it and that´s why we don´t want to take the responsability of the swap in case some coins could be lost.

The deadline they stated to make the swap is 15th August, so we ask all the LPC and LGS investors to withdraw all your coins and do the swap on your own or sell them, it´s up to you. We´ll disable the stakings immediatly and as far as we know, after the 15th your coins will be worthless.