United Crypto Alliance Coin was listed on Simple Pos Pool

What is United Crypto Alliance Coin (UCA)?

The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Alliance‘s approach is “strong together”. Its goal is to create a union of many companies to establish the UCA Coin as a stable cryptocurrency with long-term success. The United Crypto Alliance Coin is held by many different alliance partners around the world, and it is this global distribution that makes the UCA Coin so special.

Instead of relying on a single initiator, in this instance many partners act simultaneously, around the clock, and in many areas of the world. The options for advertising, distribution and price increases are unlimited, and are not bound by national borders, language borders or anything else.

United Crypto Alliance Team

  • ILHAN DOGAN – Founder and visionary
  • BJÖRN GROENEWOLD – Computer scientist, block chain technology and artificial intelligence
  • THOMAS HAAK – Journalist, author, lecturer and crypto expert

What does Simple Pos Pool offer?

We have several services available for all listed coins on our platform. The main services are:

  • shared proof of stake pool
  • shared masternode pool
  • dedicated masternodes
  • cold hosting
  • simple explorer – http://simpleexplorer.info/coin/ucacoin
  • daily UCA bootstrap file – can be found in the explorer link

Please watch this video for more info about our offers

Coin specification

  • Name: Ultra Crypto Alliance
  • Ticker: UCA
  • Type: PoS + Masternode
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block size: 3 MB
  • Transaction confirmation: 15 blocks
  • Min Stake: 10 hours
  • Max Supply: 21 Billions
  • Masternode collateral: 150.000 – 1.500.000 UCA

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Where can I buy UCA?

Simple Masternode

You can also host your UCA masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer, after all you will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

If you want to learn more about it, just read this post: https://blog.simplepospool.com/how-to-create-a-masternode-with-simple-masternode

We never dump any UCA coins. Do you know why?

We use an innovative masternode fee system that allows us to earn and share with the user 100% of the masternode rewards. Every service needs to pay the expenses and we found probably the fairest way to pay our expenses. Just watch the following tutorial and you´ll know our secret: