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What is Trading Pool Coin (TPC)?

Trading Pool Coin came into existence after a series of unfortunate scams by “redacted” coin who promised to make a trading pool which would provide a generous return for its investors. In further fraudulent activity, “redacted” coin entered into a partnership with a large “redacted” service to give them more credibility with potential investors. Their plan worked when many

trading pool
investors deposited large amounts of funds which resulted in substantial loses when redacted coin failed to fulfil their promises. The Trading Pool team initially offered help by developing a trading bot for the “redacted” coin’s platform but their offer was refused with the comment “if you can make a trading bot that works then why would you not make it for yourself? So that is exactly what they did and the Trading Pool project was born with the creation of the trading bot.

When the trading bot was first created, it was rigorously tested for over 2 months before the team went public and presented it to investors. The bot has now been running for over 3 months with an average 20%+ return for its investors. It has now been decided to take the project to the next level with the introduction of masternodes to provide a passive income for investors and as
a means to obtain further benefits from the profits generated from the trading bot. The revenue from the sale of the presale masternodes will be used to develop the trading pool so as to simplify the process of investment with full transparency for investors.

TPC usage and purposes

TPC Coin will be used as the currency of the upcoming platform, as well as in addition to BTC for all products and services. It is worth nothing that all subscription and service fees paid in BTC will be used for buybacks of the TPC Coin on exchanges. Holders of TPC Coin will receive loyalty bonuses in the form of free TPC Coins and other benefits and rewards, such as ZERO trading fees.

TPC Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

TPC specifications

  • Name: Trading Pool Coin
  • Ticker: TPC
  • Algorithm: Quark
  • Block Reward: 0.01 – 0.73 TPC
  • Masternode Collateral: 1.000 TPC
  • Reward distribution: 1% PoS – 99% Masternode
  • Block time: 120 sec
  • Totatl supply: 21.000.000 TPC
  • Premine: 100.000 TPC (0.47%)

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Where can I buy TPC?

Simple Masternode

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