The most important update about XGamingUP (XGA)

We were really surprised when we asked details about the XGA update and the answer was “we don´t want to work with you anymore”

I asked about a reason for that decision, but I didn´t receive one. The worst? The simply banned me without posting one single line and don´t leave me an opportunity to defend myself. They are calling us thiefs now because they want coins back that they gave us when they started with us. As all of you know, we start with an instant masternode because we receive the coins from the developer as a kind of listing fee, and everywhere where a fee is paid, it belongs to the service unless other details are defined between both parts.

The first collateral was 3K and because I´m not a thief, I sent back those coins with this tx:

I can´t do anything else because I have only my beloved community, my attitude and personality. Please tell me if we should continue with XGA or simply delist it like it´s developer´s request.