The instant masternode paradigma

What is an instant masternode?

An instant masternode is nothing else than a normal masternode. Usually we see this term only at a shared masternode service. An instant masternode or even commonly called instant node allows all new investors to deposit their coins and take part of the rewards. They do receive rewards sometimes right after joining because the masternode is already running.

instant masternode paradigma windup

I don´t know who named this type of masternode like you see it today, but Simple Pos Pool started December 2017 with only PoS coins and introduced the shared masternode service in March 2018. We started with 2 coins, Sanchezium (SNCZ) and Stipend (SPD), and at that time we bought those coins to create the first shared masternode from our pockets. We were the first service with a complete online service who offered shared masternodes and acted this way to show our users how it works. All full transparent.

What is different today?

Nothing is different when you compare the shared masternode service. The only difference is that we have now many competitors and if a coin wants to use our service, we ask for a masternode collateral to offer an instant masternode for our early investors of that coin.

Is it possible to continue offering this instant masternodes?

Sure it is! I´m writing this post only to show that an instant masternode is only the first node that is created in our service. All other nodes that we create are just masternodes and it doesn´t make any difference how you call it.

Why? Simple Pos Pool was also the first service that offered, and still offer, staking rewards from the masternode rewards. Our unique hybrid system allow all users to get masternode rewards and staking reward from the coins generated by the masternode.

Let´s imagine 5 shared masternodes. After some time the volume is so high that we have always new deposits, withdrawals and free slots. All those masternode with free slots can be called instant masternodes. The importance now is having stake rewards to share amoungst all users that have coins outside the masternodes.

Why don´t you create always new masternodes with free coins?

Like you read before, with a high volume, we need always unlocked coins in order to fulfill the withdraw requests and some amount of coins to generate the staking rewards.

Our transparency makes us really proud.

We´re probably the only pool where you can follow every single move we make and you know exactly what you´ll earn by following our/your profits. You know the staking address. You know the masternode address. You know when we pay a staking or masternode reward. You know when someone deposits. You know when we make withdrawals. You know when we make a masternode. Did I forget something? If so, please comment below…

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