Terms of Service

This website is operated and owned by SimplePosPool.com, and this terms of service are valid for the main domain (www.simplepospool.com) and its sub domain (www.blog.simplepospool.com) . Your use of this site is governed by these terms of service. By accessing and browsing this site you agree to be bound by these terms of service. We make this site available to you to provide information about our services. We reserve the right to change or modify these Terms at any time and in our sole discretion. Should we change these Terms of Service, we’ll provide notice of such changes, such as by sending you a notification, providing notice through our social media, and/or updating the “Last Updated” date on the bottom of these Terms. Your continued use of the Services will confirm your acceptance of the revised Terms. If you do not agree to the amended Terms, you must stop using our service.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property on this site, including without limitation any trademarks, text, graphics (except coin logos) and copyright, is owned by us or our content suppliers. We are the exclusive owner of all rights of the compilation, design, layout and software of this site.

Rules and Fees that apply

Since we offer different products, also different fees and rules will apply. The fees of each service we offer can be found in our FAQs and should be read by the user. The fees of each service we offer can be found our FAQs. By joining our services you accept the rules and fees that apply.

Services we offer

Our main service is staking and shared masternode, where the user can participate with a certain amount of digital currency by joining the pool and thus expect a better result in stakes or masternodes rewards if he would do it on his own.

Right to Use Site and Content

You may use this site only for the purposes for which it is provided. You must not use this site for fraudulent or other unlawful activity or do anything to damage or disrupt this site. Multiple accounts for the purpose of defrauding, circumventing bans, soliciting or abusing SimplePosPool.com services will result in immediate termination of all related accounts, including seizure of all on-site digital property.

Your Information

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for preventing unauthorized access to your account. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that your password is kept confidential and secure and also use two factor authentication. You should inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your account has been compromised, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorized manner.


We will not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses, or indirect losses or consequential damages of any kind, suffered or incurred by you in connection with your access to this site or the content accessed through it. SimplePosPool.com is not responsible for potential losses caused by wallet fork conditions, coin swaps, outages, hardware failure or other events that are out of our control.

Investment Terms

  • There is no setup cost at the beginning when you decide to start or deposit any digital currency.
  • Transparency: Any investor that is participating in any available staking pool, shared masternode or dedicated masternode will always be able to monitor the status of their investment through their personal dashboard. For more detailed information, investors can easily verify this information on our website.
  • We reserve the right to close any masternode at any time for any reason—including but not limited to wallet problems, economical factors, workloads, or security concerns. After a masternode is closed, all available coins will remain in the pool generating stakes, if the coin has this feature.
  • How often new masternodes are opened is depended on either momentary situations or specific customer’s demands and the availability of our team responsible to setup those masternodes.

Deposit Terms

  • Each deposit needs 10 confirmations before it can be accepted by our system and credited to the user account. For BITCOIN the exception is 6 confirmations. The time for each confirmation is defined by the coin specification.
  • Each masternode collateral is split into separate slots depending on the amount of required coins for that masternode. The user can view the amount needed for each masternode slots after logging into his dashboard.
  • Our list of supported coins may change without any notice. There are some criteria we consider when adding a coin to the list: ROI, usecase, team and some specific to each coin we are negotiating. Each user will have a unique deposit address for each coin. Each deposit will be confirmed via email sent to its investor unless the user disables the email notifications.
  • Our system is designed to read unique transaction ids. If the user collect airdrops, coins from faucets or services that usually send bulk payments to his address, the system won´t read the deposit address in a proper way to accept it. The solution will be adding it manually after receiving an email or a discord ticket.

Payment Terms

  • Stakes and masternode rewards are 24/7 and almost instant, depending on the coin specification. Withdrawals are processed daily, sometimes several times during the day. We make a daily snapshot at 22:00 server time to guarantee that all withdraw requests are sent out after this snapshot.
  • Amounts of payments are rounded to eight digits after the decimal.
  • It is the user´s responsibility to provide us with a valid withdraw address and maintain it. Payments sent to the wrong address given by you can not be reimbursed. We advise using a personal wallet, otherwise you won´t have full control over the address.

Withdraw Terms

  • A withdrawal request must be made inside the user´s dashboard. The coins will be sent to the address given by the user.
  • The available balance to withdraw will be sent max after the snapshot that is done at 22:00 server time.
  • Active shared masternode slots can be canceled by the user at any time. Some masternodes will need the administration approval to prevent closing the masternode. After cancelation, the balance will be displayed in the current balance on the top of the user´s dashboard and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Pending shared masternode slots can be canceled by the user at any time. After cancel, the balance will be displayed in the current balance on the top of the user´s dashboard and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Dedicated masternode slots can be canceled by the user at any time. After cancel, the balance will be displayed in the current balance on the top of the user´s dashboard and can be withdrawn at any time.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Terms of Service, please contact us.

This document was last updated on 23-04-2018