System update

I and my team had just a wonderful brainstorm and found a great solution on our side to solve the downtime issue and prevent repeating it in the future. I won´t go in detail because it´s too much technical and for the most users it will not be a useful information.

The main issue for this downtime is the size of the database and to restoring it takes really too long, so we´ll speed it up in another way. We´ll start the system again in a few hours and you´ll have access to your balance, but not the history, for now. All staking and masternode rewards will flood in to be paid and your balance will increase, like always, and you can confirm it in your activity. You will still have access to everything like before, but the history (from the past) will be gradually added. As soon as we restore the database all your history will be available again.

I understand your concerns and even your FUD, but please keep in mind one important information: we´re the oldest and probably biggest pool of our kind and we couldn´t copy what we have from anyone. Everything we have right now was build from an amazing idea that we had some months ago and used it to create what you see now. We made some mistakes in the past that were already corrected, but crypto is changing faster than the light speed and we have to follow all this changes, like we have done untill now.

Thank you all for your kindness, respect for our work and dedication and the most important, the trust.

Your SPP Team