ElGordo and ElNino special FUNC syndicate report

Sunday, 26 Jan 2020 22:46

The long awaited ElGordo and ElNino special FUNC syndicate report is here

On December 2019 there was a user in FUNC discord that had the idea to participate in SPAIN´s biggest lottery. We thought, why not participate in ElGordo? We had already the FUNC syndicate and created a special one for this lottery. This one went really good and we also participated in the new years lottery called ElNino. This was our first one where we won really something we could feel and share between all participants. This special syndicate was created with only a few participants and the FUNC core team. Simple Pos Pool has a participation in this core team. NickDS, another member of the core team, had a brilliant idea. We bought 5 tickets from our pockets as a participation for all registered masternodes. We bought the tickets for ElGordo and also for ElNino. In this way we were able to share some winnings with the FUNC syndicate. Now that we have paid everything out, it´s time to show our calculations. It took a bit longer than expected because it was the first time we ever did it.

ElNino and ElGordo FUNC syndicate breakdown

You can follow it here: ElNino and ElGordo FUNC syndicate breakdown As the time of calculation we used:
  • 1 DOGE= €0.002236
  • 1 BTC= €7916
El Gordo participation:
  • ElGordo bought tickets: 155
  • ElGordo winning: €1420
El Nino participation
  • ElNino bought tickets: 115
  • ElNino winnings: €1100
From the ElGordo syndicate, each user that bought one ticket and had a complete masternode received €8.70 If the user had only some FUNC, then the winning was €6.53. Some users decided to reinvest and others decided to receive the winning. You´ll find the DOGE address and the transaction ID to verify the payout. From the ElNino syndicate, each user that bought one ticket and had a complete masternode received €9.09 If the user had only some FUNC, then the winning was €6.82. You´ll find the DOGE address and the transaction ID to verify the payout.

Simple Pos Pool masternode winnings

PDF file: SPP Masternodes Simple Pos Pool had at the time of the draw 75 registered masternodes. Each one of these masternodes are composed by slots. A dedicated masternode is the same as 1 shared masternode with 100 slots. You will see there the user and the amount of slots each one has. We highlighted only the first 2 character from each user to protect the privacy. On the right side you will see the amount of DOGE. That´s the amount we paid as an airdrop to each user. This calculation was based on 123.2244 per masternode with 100 slots. You can find it inside your dashboard.

Registered FUNC syndicate masternodes on discord

PDF file: Registered FUNC masternodes These are the registered masternodes on FUNC´s discord at the time of payment. On the left side you´ll see the masternode address. Next to it you´ll see the DOGE address to receive payments. We grouped all users´ payout address and sent in one transaction. You can see for example at # mns that the first user has 7 masternodes. We calculated that each masternode should receive 123.2244 DOGE, so the forst user with 7 masternodes received 862.5708. The transaction ID in on the right column. The payouts were really necessary to show some users that we are here to do what we say. IT WORKS!!! We will never say or promise that we will do this or that. We are here to have fun and take the advantage of the moment. We are FUNCTION coin powered by Simple Pos Pool and VaultWatch  
pivx cold staking

Simple Pos Pool enabled PIVX cold staking

Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020 0:45
PIVX released it´s latest version with the cold staking ability. This brand new feature allows anyone to delegate their coins to someone to stake on their behalf. This PIVX cold staking feature allows every user to keep the coins on their own wallet and receive stakes even with a closed wallet.
black friday

Black friday arrived today at Simple Pos Pool

Saturday, 30 Nov 2019 0:24

Yes, it´s true! We have black friday too...

We added a new fee payment system and it´s here to stay. When we first started, we took only 5% from the masternode rewards and it was ok for everyone because the market was growing, but after some time we had to adjust our fee system because everyone wasn´t earning too much.
instant masternode paradigma

The instant masternode paradigma

Saturday, 24 Aug 2019 20:13

What is an instant masternode?

An instant masternode is nothing else than a normal masternode. Usually we see this term only at a shared masternode service. An instant masternode or even commonly called instant node allows all new investors to deposit their coins and take part of the rewards. They do receive rewards sometimes right after joining because the masternode is already running.
simple masternode intermediate voting results

Intermediate voting results of the simple masternode poll

Wednesday, 21 Aug 2019 18:04
We want to show you the intermediate results of the ongoin poll to list coins for free on Simple Masternode. It´s really amazing seeing such amount of votes in such a short period of time and all the excitement to see a certain coin listed for free on our newest feature.