SkyHub masternode fee system change on the 30th January 2020

We listed SkyHub (SHB) over a year ago and used our old fee system. The fees are 3% on staking rewards and 5% on masternode rewards. However we are always improving and searching for the best user experience and maximize the earnings. At this moment we´re applying a fee payed in the same coin that can lead to a really low income for the user.

By using Simple Pos Pool, you expect to make some profits. That´s why we decided to give all the rewards to the slots owner. Starting on the 30th January 2020, the new few system for SkyHub will be a flat fee paid in DOGE. The user will get all the masternode rewards and pay only 0.000396$ in DOGE for every slot in a shared masternode. 0.099$ paid in DOGE is the price for a complete masternode. These prices are calculated on a daily basis. The DOGE payment is deducted on a daily basis based on the daily rate and only as long as you hold the slot or the dedicated masternode.

Any user without DOGE balance will lose the slot(s) or dedicated masternode. Please top up your account.

How does the falt fee system paid in DOGE work?