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What is ZCOIN (XZC)?

With Zcoin, the anonymity set is on a dramatically higher magnitude. Instead of having an anonymity set limited to the few dozen, XZC has an anonymity set that encompasses all minted coins in a particular RSA accumulator that can scale to many thousands and unlike other solutions is not subject to transaction graph analysis.

What makes ZCOIN different from the other coins?

XZC is the first cryptocurrency to successfully code MTP from the ground up and implement it. MTP is an algorithm that offers a memory hard proof of work that remains lightweight to verify thus promoting a decentralized and scalable network.

XZC Team

Development Team

  • Poramin Insom – Founder and Core Developer
  • Peter Shugalev – Lead Core Developer
  • Andrey Bezrukov – C++ Developer
  • Tadhg Riordan – Backend Developer
  • Martun Karapetyan – Cryptographer and Developer
  • Putta Khunchalee – Developer
  • Mariia Kren – QA Engineer
  • Levon Petrosyan – Developer
  • djm34 – Miner Developer
  • Saran Siriphantnon – Developer
  • Panu Suksumonsin – Developer


  • Aram Jivanyan – Cryptography Advisor
  • Tigran Mamikonyan – Developer

Operations and Marketing Team

  • Reuben Yap – Chief Operations Officer
  • Sebastian Bausch – China Liaison
  • Sandra Yap – Director of Partnerships and Media
  • Sebastian M. – Operations Manager
  • Anwar P. – Senior Support
  • Michael “Muggles” Bernhardt – Community Lead & Johannesburg Ambassador

Advisors and Consultants

  • Alexander N. – Advisor
  • Torphop Korgtadam – IT Security Consultant


  • Benjamin Lakoff – Prague, Czech Republic Ambassador
  • Matt Koskinen – Boston, MA Ambassador
  • Sergio von Facchin – Nomad Ambassador
  • Nzeadi Joachim Noble – Abuja, Nigeria Ambassador
  • Prashanth Konda – Dubai, UAE Ambassador
  • Abhimanyu – Somewhere in India Ambassador
  • Teddy Cleps – European Nomad Ambassador
  • Preston Sledge – Austin, TX Ambassador

XZC specifications

  • Coin name: ZCOIN
  • Coin ticker: XZC
  • Supply: 7188571 XZC
  • AVG block time: 5m 14s

Where Can I buy XZC?

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