Simple Pos Pool listed Spider Coin

Simple Pos Pool listed Spider Coin (SPDR)

What is Spider Coin?

The Spider Coin (SPDR) was created to be a payment means for the services of the Spider VPS Project. But it is more than that – it is also a solid investment asset. The practical use case will give SPDR market supports against severe price dumps, as coins will be bought out by the users of Spider VPS. Therefore, running a Masternode or staking SPDR will generate you passive income and/or the funds to use our services! Imagine that you can host the Masternodes of all your coins on a VPS you can pay for with one of these coins! The initial investment is likely to be paid off multiple times quickly. And in case you don’t have much money to spare, the SPDR coin has a hybrid consensus type – so you can mine it!

spider coin

What does Spider Coin offer?

Vps hosting integrated with blockchain – Spider Coin(SPDR) is an open source project based on PIVX code. Blocks are generating with help of POW and POS simultaneously, masternode owners get part of rewards from each of them. Blockchain provides flexible reward system. The amount of rewards per POW/POS block are dynamic and changing during the time. It helps to maintain the investment attractiveness and interest of miners for a long period.

What solutions does Spider Coin have?

  • Rare Hybrid Reward System

  • Spider Payment

  • Powerfull Servers

  • Worldwide Location

  • Career In Spider

Known Team

  • Tomas Horak – Back-End Developer
  • George Voinescu – Lead engineer
  • Rian Keegan – Front-End Developer
  • Dean Connery – Marketing
  • Paul Donegan – Blockchain Developer
  • Emma Timmons – Design & Management

Spider Coin specifications

  • Ticker: SPDR
  • Algorithm: PHI2
  • Consensus: Hybrid POW+POS
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Rpc-port: 53616
  • Port: 53617
  • Anti-instamine: First 15000 blocks
  • Masternode collater: 7000 (15000 from 133000 block)
  • Masternode activation: 15000 block
  • POS minimum stake age: 1 hour
  • Transaction confirmations: 10
  • Maturity: 60 confirmations
  • Total supply: 25 000 000
  • Premine: 0.8%

spider coin reward table

Where can I get Spider Coins?

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