Simple Pos Pool listed Soverain


The Soverain project focuses on creating an integrated platform where each user will be able to work with all the modern cryptocurrency tools in one place.

Each cryptocurrency shareholder will be able not only to safely store their assets on the Soverain multicurrency online wallet, but also to invest coins in POS mining and MASTERNODE (* for relevant currencies). Fast and secure exchange on a convenient and secure P2P exchange will also be available.

SOVE team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

Coin Specifications

  • Coin Name: SOVERAIN
  • Ticker: SOVE
  • Premine: 0.65%
  • Block Reward: 0.1 – 15 SOVE
  • Masternode Collateral: 3000 – 6000
  • Masternode Reward: 80% – 90%
  • Staking (PoS) Reward: 20% – 10%
  • Block Time: 30 seconds
  • Total Supply: 84.000.000 SOVE

Sove rewards


Services that SOVE will offer

  • Multifunctional SOVE Discord bot
  • Multi-Currency online wallet
  • SOVE masternode monitoring service
  • P2P exchange
  • Advertising platform
  • Decentralized exchange

Important SOVE Links

Where can I buy SOVE?

Or follow all exchanges here

Simple Masternode

You can also host your SOVE masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer. You will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

If you want to learn more about it, just read this post: