Simple Pos Pool listed Profitbase Coin

Simple Pos Pool listed Profitbase Coin (PBC)

What is Profitbase coin?

PBC is a platform where you can track your personal masternode´s ROI.

What does PBC offer?

They will have a Crypto Bridge integration where every user simply inputs the username to automatically import/update the trade history. Users can track and view their total coins purchased and the total cost of the coins purchased, the average cost per coin, coins Sold, BTC sold, their Masternode worth in BTC. ROI statistics. Users can also track and view the Market Price %, Sold Profit, Sold ROI, Total Profit (sold + MN worth), Total ROI (sold + MN worth)

profitbase coin

PBC will be the primary payment option for subscriptions and advertising on the PBC Platform. If you are a developer looking to promote your masternode presale or create awareness among our Profitbase platform users through banners and display advertisements in our platform pages, PBC will be the core currency you will need to make payments for your advertising campaigns.

PBC Coin will be not only the core currency used for payments towards advertisements of other coins but also for accessing the full features of the paid subscriptions. More usage of the coin in the platform will be incorporated as we progress with time.

What does Profitbase Coin offer?

  • Management
  • Customer Support
  • Collaborative
  • Center Software

PBC Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

PBC specifications

  • Coin Name : ProfitBase Coin
  • Symbol : PBC
  • Max Supply : 15,000,000 PBC
  • Premine : 300,000 (2%)
  • Algorithm : Quark
  • MN Collateral : 1,000 PBC
  • MN Share : 80%
  • POS Share : 20%
  • Block time : 60 Seconds
  • Maturity Time : 60 Blocks
  • Min Stake Age : 4 Hours
  • SwiftX : 5000 Coins
  • Last POW : 200 Block

profitbase coin reward table

Where can I get PBC?

Crypto Bridge –

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