Simple Pos Pool listed NULS

What is NULS?

NULS is a blockchain infrastructure that provides customizable services and is also a global open-source community blockchain project. NULS adopts micro-services to achieve a highly modular underlying architecture, using smart contracts and cross-chain technologies, combined with the ability of Chain Factory to quickly build chains, reduce development costs, and accelerate blockchain business application landing.

simple pos pool listed nuls

What is NULS?

NULS is a blockchain with a modular based architecture enabling customizable modules and cross-chain operability. Its two-part design is the micro-service and the functional modules. They have been built with the goal to maintain the well-known programming practice of high cohesion and low coupling. They also adopt the hotpluggable principle allowing modules to be added or removed during operation.

The decentralized nature of NULS allows for a business model that bridges the gap of  trust in using the technology as well allowing users to customize their side-chain to fit with their  requirements. The simplicity of implementation comes from the architectural design of NULS where complex concepts such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms and storage methods are abstracted away from the developer, so they need only to be concerned with what they want to build that is within their skillset.

The simple base of the main-chain will provide a set of modular components that can be customized to the users’ needs. Users will be free to choose their preferred consensus mechanism, network, account, ledger, block management, chain management, transaction management, event bus as well as other permissions to designate to their chains. Chains are not limited to being public chains but can also be designed as private or consortium chains.


  • Liesa Huang – CEO
  • Isaac Kim – COO
  • David Wasson – Regional Director in USA
  • Omar Elmir – Regional Director in Australia & New Zealand
  • Penny Childers – Community Manager in USA
  • Minsuk Kwak – Community Manager in Korea
  • Eric – Community Manager in Netherlands
  • Niels Wang – Product Development Director
  • Vivi Zhou – Architect
  • Lijun Zhou – Architect
  • Pierre Luo – Architect
  • Charlie Li – JAVA Engineer
  • Angang Tang – JAVA Engineer
  • Yuanchen Jiang – JAVA Engineer
  • Wave Tan – Front End Development Director
  • Albert Yi  – Test Engineer
  • Pen Luo – Product Manager
  • Anna Yang – Chief Designer
  • Lily Wang – Co-Founder
  • Reaper Ran – Community Management Director, Co-Founder
  • Andy Tang – Marketing Manager
  • Double Xiang – Technical writer
  • Susu – Finance Manager
  • Chirley Sheng – People Operations Director
  • Cody Lan – Technology Manager, Shanghai office

NULS Code Craft Council

  • Moshe – Full Stack Engineer | France
  • Berzeck – Full Stack Engineer | Bolivia
  • Claudio – UI/UX Designer | Belgium
  • Angel – Full Stack Engineer | Spain
  • Naveen – Java Engineer | Singapore
  • Edward – Architect | China
  • Ray – C++ Engineer | China
  • Lin Yang – Architect | China
  • Niels – Architect | China

NULS Ambassador

  • Aurora Li – China Ambassador
  • Natali Igonina – Russia Ambassador
  • João Fernandes – Portugal Ambassador
  • Zane – Australia Ambassador


  • Ken Huang – Former Huawei blockchain expert
  • Andy Chae – Executive director, Global business division, ezCaretech
  • Douglas Foo – Chairman and founder of Sakae Holdings Limited
  • Changyong Liu – Ph.D. in Economics, Peiking University
  • Feng Han – Co-founder and board member of Elastos
  • Rui Zhao – Executive consultant of technology strategy
  • James Bilitski – Ph.D.associate professor in computer science, University of Pittsburg
  • Sky Qiu – Advisor in Finance

How can I earn with NULS?

Well, NULS is a delegated proof of stake coin. You can read this post to know more about this technology. Since we are talking about NULS, everybody can earn stakes if you have at least 2000 coins. If you don´t have this amount, that you should choose Simple Pos Pool because we´re the world´s first shared DPoS pool in the world. If you have only a small amount of coins, you can use our service to generate stakes according to the amount you own. You can read here to know how to start…

Where can I buy NULS?

You can see all available markets here:

If you want to browse through the exchanges, visit our post about it:

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