Simple Pos Pool listed NPCCoin

What is NPCCoin?

NPCcoin has an extraordinary platform designed as an ecosystem to generate and monetize the traffic of web visits online, thereby enabling a cycle of NPCcoins repurchases and offering a benefit to different types of users. In this way the NPC coin remains stable and constantly growing in value. In addition to offering different products and services. is the central platform where you can earn and spend the NPC coin utility token.

You can win NPCcoin in many different ways: new visits, new users, product sales commissions, sharing on social networks, commenting on forums and the social network platform, trying your luck with roulette, lotteries, faucets, and many more ways. You can use your NPCcoin to buy traffic, advertising, listings, PoB mining packages, memberships, training, courses and many exclusive products.

NPC Coin Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post

Coin specifications

  • Coin Name : NPC Coin
  • Ticker : NPC
  • Block Time : 60 Secs
  • Algorithm: QUARK
  • Collateral : 10.000 NPC
  • Rewards: 80% MN – 20% PoS

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Wher can I buy NPC Coin?