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What is Make My Coin (MMCO)?

Make My Coin is a service to allow anyone who wants a complete service that includes a blockchain, coin and website. There is no longer a need to know everything about coding to create a coin, Make My Coin is there for you.

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Introduction to Make My Coin

MMCO is helping empower businesses with a fully functional blockchain ecosystem to explore and navigate the potential of blockchain by piloting solutions customized to the business line. They endeavor to be at the forefront of the smart future by creating a platform where right talents are connected with the right jobs so every blockchain project has the best prerequisite to succeed.

MakeMyCoin’s number one goal is to offer a transparent and fair blockchain development platform by creating a decentralized freelancing ecosystem with lowest fees possible. It’s that simple!

They are empowering startups and enterprises to get the full advantage of blockchain solutions, improve business efficiency, security and enable them to boost their businesses.

Make My Coin is a team of talented blockchain developers, advisors, industry experts and process champions whose passion is to design a blockchain ecosystem and develop technologies for the connected world.

They truly believe in the power of open source to create, collaborate and innovate in a freelancing ecosystem. This will help cut every middlemen or organisation that charges obviously higher for the same set of services. Meticulously designed measures are taken to ensure reliability, efficiency, coherence and to lower costs. This leads to a win-win situation for the end-user and the end-service provider.

Organizations are starting to review the potential of blockchain to disrupt their industry through new business models and use-cases. In the process of reviewing and exploring the potential impact this technology means for their industry, innovative ways of improving business efficiency, reconciliation, saving time and cost are being unravelled. Blockchain with its innate characteristics of a distributed, encrypted, shared, chronological and incorruptible database is opening the world to new set of possibilities.

MMCO team is passionate about utilizing our technical & advisory capabilities, experience and product mindset to aid their clients realize tangible business value. The platform provides end-to-end solutions across the entire adoption life cycle. From ideation to deployment they help organizations apply blockchain & distributed ledger technologies while also engaging to ensure a high maturity time and clear business ROI across the product life cycle.

Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?

Overview of the platform

In their endeavour of creating a transparent and fair blockchain development platform, they will connect the right talent with the right jobs, so that every potential blockchain project has the best prerequisite to succeed. They are also in the process of recruiting and creating a freelance talent pool with strict criteria with emphasis on experience, skillset and reliability. It takes time to identify and select the right set of people. They look forward to expanding our team & onboard developers and advisors.

The platform envisions to launch off by providing technologies and consultancy around blockchain and transition to become the one stop
solution for all things related blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

It is envisioned to further explore into the technologies of future where the platform will also include technologies for a digital future viz. Big Data, smart applications around Internet of things (IoT), machine learning with artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) solutions and the likes. They endeavour to constantly evolve with changing times to include trending and valuable technologies and help to reliably bring them to the users at the most affordable costs.

Make My Coin Team

They remain anonymous as the time of writing this post.

Make My Coin Specifications

  • Coin Name: MakeMyCoin
  • Ticker: MMCO
  • Type/Consensus Proof of Stake
  • Block Reward: 1 – 30 MMCO
  • Masternode Collateral: 5000-25000 MMCO
  • Masternode Reward: 90%
  • Staking (Proof of Stake) Reward: 10%
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Total Supply 34,000,000 MMCO
  • Premine: 340,000 MMCO (1%)

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Where can I buy Make My Coin?

You can currently buy MMCO on Pre Sale on Simple Pos Pool under the Pre Sale Policy

You´ll be able to buy on Crypto Bridge when the Pre Sale is over,