Simple Pos Pool listed Harcomia Coin with instant masternodes

What is Harcomia Coin (HCA)?

HCA allows you to manage your social communication like a pro. Get a trusted professional team & platform to enhance your communication, reach more potential customers, and bring more experts to your project. HCA platform is the best social content manager for your business. Discover Harcomia now. Get more traffic & leads.

harcomia social network

What does Harcomia offer?

HCA offers several clear and precise answers. For projects related to cryptocurrency, but also for all companies that like to save time and performance in the communication and development of their brand image. Here are the proposals and services that will be put in place by their team:

HCA platform

An extremely comprehensive platform that centralizes all social media. Thanks to it, it’s now useless to go to each social media and post the same news several times. With one click, it’s possible to broadcast an idea on all social media available, without effort or risk forgetting anything.

Marketing team

A trusted marketing team is always welcome! Thus, their experts can support you and advise you in the development and evolution of projects. Case study, advice, planning, guidance and statistics, etc

Facebook assistance IA

Support your Facebook subscribers and automatically answer 90% of their needs! HCA platform will offer a robot that will take care of it even before you connect to the account, engage with
your customer to a whole new level!

HCA Team

  • Willie K. – CEO
  • Eric M. – COO
  • Maxime A. – CTO
  • Alexis B. – Product Development Manager
  • Adam S. – Community Manager
  • Mathieu J. – Ghost Copywriter / Editorial Content

HCA Specification

  • Coin Name: HARCOMIA
  • Ticker: HCA
  • Algorithm: Xevan
  • Block Reward: 0.7 – 3 HCA
  • Rewards: 70-90% MN – 30-10% PoS
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000 HCA

HCA Rewards:

harcomia hca rewards

Harcomia important links:

Where can I buy HCA Coins?

Right now there is a presale on their discord, but they want to list on Crypto Bridge