Simple Pos Pool listed GreenPayCoin

What is GreenPayCoin (GPC)?

GreenPayCoin is the newest payment system for digital services, you can buy whatever you want in a few steps and receive it instantly.

Based on their roadmap they are focused on developing a market platform where you can market digital services from amazon, apple store, steam, concert tickets, travels tickets and many others. Basically any digital service that can be purchased will be developed by their team in the course of time, you can also have an extra reward when using GreenPayCoin on the platform since you market these services you can get a discount and a special rate, something that is also planned in the roadmap for the platform is to have an integrated portfolio in the platform that you can do staking while your balance is in the wallet.


What does GPC offer?

Currently their marketplace is under development. According to their roadmap they are starting the promotion to initiate Development of new web page ideas around June 2019.

Platform beta launch is estimated to be launched in August 2019 and also search of digital services to list on the platform, CMC enlistment and coin associations on the platform.

Known Team

  • Carlos S. – CEO & Founder – discord: GPCCS#3004
  • Rogerio S. – Marketing Manager – discord: musicayfarandula#7359
  • Nefi P. – Graphic Designer – discord: N3FI#9196
  • Vishal – Blockchain Dev & Tech Support – discord: vishal#5463
  • Madhu Vaddi – Bots Designer and Tech Support – discord: madhuvaddi114#5501

GreenPayCoin specifications

  • Name: GreenPayCoin
  • Ticker: GPC
  • Algorithm: Xevan
  • Type: Pos/MN
  • Total Supply: 21 000 000 GPC
  • Premine: 200 000 GPC
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block per day: 1440
  • Stake MIN AGE: 1 hour
  • Rewards: 80% masternodes 20% staking
  • Collateral: 2000

greenpaycoin block reward

Where can I get GreenPayCoin?

Currently you can acquire GPC coins on Simple Pos Pool presale page:

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