Simple Pos Pool listed GHR Coin

What is Gaming Hosting and Recharging Coin (GHR)?

Gaming Hosting and Recharging Coin is planning for Real time to create projects such as Hosting Website with GHR Coin as Payment, Multi Recharging Platform with Prepaid/PostPaid Mobile/Landline Recharging, Electricity Bill Payment, Internet Bill Payment Worldwide with GHR Coin as Payment by Partnering with,  and to use on Gaming Platform and on online casinos which we will be created on Q1 2020.

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What is expected to get as service from GHR?

They will provide the fast, affordable and managed hosting services. The mobile recharge will be able to get recharge through all over the world. This will give you a complete solution to recharge mobile phone of your home country using crypto currencies. GHR coin will make it possible for players to use GHR for their favourite games and as well as online and traditional casino games. Players will use GHR to purchase game credits and game items.

Gaming Hosting and Recharging Coin Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

Coin specifications

  • Coin Name : GHRCOIN
  • Ticker : GHR
  • Block Time : 60 Secs
  • Block Size :  3MB
  • Premine  : 1%
  • Minimum Stake : 3 HOURS
  • Total Coin : 64 MILLION
  • Coin Maturiy : 60 BLOCKS
  • Collateral : 5000 GHRCOIN

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