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What is FutureXco Coin (FTXO)?

At FutureXco (FTXO), the blockchain market survey department designs and manages projects from rehabilitation of old or maintenance of new products to the complete design of congenital products system including analytical future branding. The range of market surveys project sizes varies from one million to several billion dollars organization.

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Why do we need market research surveys?

Market research surveys provide targeted insight into customer perspective and can be used as a guide for organization strategy to help redevelop and maintain competitiveness. In order to produce desirable product/service attributes, market research surveys help an organization provides critical key information and features such as likelihood of product/service use, and the extends of a product/service which meets the needs of a targeted group. The information gathered helps accommodate an organization process to better approach market needs, market size, and to adopt to meet customer needs.

Other use of market research surveys is to communicate of a product/service offers to a target market. Market research surveys can help drive company development through its product and services, by facilitating with strategic development, which improve profit margin, and guide organizational change. Whether you are a start-up or established business, market research is important to your business long term success. Thorough market research information gives your insight of what need to be implemented or executed for the most appropriate organization strategy. By working with FutureXco you can obtain unique insights that empower future success.

What type of market surveys are provided?

  • Audience Research: Research on who is listening, watching and reading are all important to marketers in order to determine which media are best suited for reaching a target audience. Television and radio ratings determine popularity of shows and how large of an audience can be reached during show broadcasts. In the early days, selected viewer families kept diaries or logs of their viewing habits. In 1986, the log gave way to a people meter that allows viewers to punch buttons on a remote control-like device that records viewer’s choices automatically.
    Researchers may soon be able to get all the information they need from devices placed in the home. One device would be television capable of looking back at viewers. Another device under development would not only monitor when people are watching television, but would know when they are reading advertising-filled magazines.
  • Product Research: Simple in-person research such as taste tests conducted in malls and in the aisles of grocery stores. So is elaborate, long-term “beta testing” of high-tech products, particularly software, by experienced users. Product research can be simple: tweaking the taste of an existing product, then measuring consumers’ reactions to see if there is room in the market for a variation.
  • Brand Research: Brands, the named products that advertising pushes and for which manufacturers can charge consumers the most money, are always being studied. Advertisers want to know if consumers have strong brand loyalty or if the brand has any emotional appeal, and what the customer thinks could be improved about the brand.
  • Psycological Research: Perhaps the most controversial type of market research is psychological research. This research tries to determine why people buy certain products based on experimentally derived profiles of the way consumers live their lives. This research continues to be controversial since it measures attitudes about buying and not the buying itself. In one series of research projects researchers asked people what they were planning to buy before entering a store. After the people surveyed left the store, the same researcher examined what was actually in their shopping cart. In one such study only 30 percent of the people bought what they said they were going to buy just a half hour earlier.
  • Scanner Research: The checkout scanner at the supermarket records what was actually purchased. This is valuable information advertisers use to help plan ongoing marketing strategies.
    Scanners have changed the way advertisers have typically thought about the sale of consumer products. Now, computer technology can send scanner information to advertisers within days or even hours. What scanners have so far confirmed is that consumers are fickle. They may try a product heavily promoted thorough national television one week. Then the next week they may switch brands based on local promotions from the competition.
  • Database Research: Consumer shows up on thousands of lists and databases that are regularly cross-referenced to mine nuggets of marketing research. Such database is growing in popularity among marketers because the raw data contributed directly from the purchasers. Database Research can be thought of as the ultimate in market segmentation research. Database research and marketing allow  companies to build personal relationships with people who have proven from past purchases that they are potential customers. This personal relationship also provides a basis for more detailed and economical market research than might be possible from conducting random calling. For example, from zip codes lists, marketers may determine where the wealthy people live in a city. The list can be merged with a list of a licensed drivers. The resulting list can be merged with another list of owners of cars of a certain make older than a certain year. The final compiled and crosschecked list will deliver a potential market for a new luxury car soon to be introduced and profiled. The potential buyers’ list would then be mailed an invitation to come see the new car.

What rewards do we get with FTXO?

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They remain anonymous as of the time of this post

Coin specifications

  • Coin Name : FutureXco
  • Ticker : FTXO
  • Block Time : 60 Secs
  • Maturity: 1024 Blocks
  • Premine: 400000
  • Total Coin : 210 MILLION
  • Collateral : 2000 FTXO

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