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What is CryptoYEN (YEN)?

Cryptoyen is a business model designed specifically to help youtubers monetize their video content and improve video quality by ordering various services from our community  (exclusively for CryptoYen).

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Why should we use CryptoYEN?

There are several reason why YouTubers can potencially use YEN, but each Youtuber will have it´s own reasons because every single one has a different type of followers.

CryptoYEN has a YouTube channel with several livestreams to answer all these questions. Visit their channel to see if you find your reason if you´re an interested YouTuber.–O31iEqsdPU3ILJK1ZU8nXDd4

What is different from the other masternode coins?

Well, the majority of masternode coins divide the block rewards between staking and masnternode rewards. CryptoYEN made it even better, the reward will be splitted into 3 inputs: masternode reward, staking and YouTube mining.

I won´t go into the first type of rewards as everybody knows already how it works, but instead let me explain the new YouTube mining concept:

Youtube mining option provided specialy for giving YouTube users an opportunity to mine YEN by sharing their link to crypto yen website in the description area below the video.

YTM Pool – 15% from all mining go to the address YPobYQfLbDChfNUj3397YtWEdpEJ3MSd9B. The amount of YEN from YTM Pool is distributed among the pool participants every week
according to the formula:

YTM pool / TOTAL views = YTM cost

YTM cost – YouTube Mining Reward for one new view. This is calculated by the formula above.
Total View – Total number of new views for 1 week. (week starts every monday at 00:00 UTC time)

  • Minimum video views  (50 view) – if video has less then 50 new views in this week it will not participate in YTM Pool, and will not get any reward.
  • Maximum video views (15000 view) – Only 15000 views will be accounted for one week even if the video has more.
  • YTM BAN – If during the week the back link to the service with the description of the video has been removed, then the views will be only partially сounted or not сounted at all (if on 00:00 UTC time the views are zero).
  • Youtube Channel BAN – If a youtube channel is trying to cheat in any way, than it can be deleted from the program by administration.
  • These rules can be changed once a quarter by YEN administration in next versions of white paper. In order to improve the quality of the video content under which the back link to the service
    ( is published.


YEN Team

The only known person is smartinsider (smartinsider#7733 on discord). He´s the founder and CTO and conducts the livestreams.

From @SmartInsider Founder and CTO of Zijacoin
Email: [email protected]

YEN specifications

  • Coin name: CryptoYEN
  • Ticker: YEN
  • Max supply: 15.000.000 YEN
  • Rewards: MN 70% – Stake 15% – YTM 15%
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Coin Maturity: 60 minutes
  • Premine: 600.000 YEN (4%)
  • Block rewards: 5 YEN

Where Can I buy CryptoYEN?

Simple Pos Pool will have the Pre Sale with this policy:

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