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Crypto Sports Network (CSPN)

Esports is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomena as anyone can participate in exciting, competitive games and Crypto Sports aims to bring the gamer communities together by providing an intuitive, unified platform that combines the best of esports with the global payment abilities of cryptocurrency. CSPN will provide passive generation of coins using both proof of stake (PoS) and proof of service (PoSE) that gamers and clans can then use on the platform to bet on matches, tip fellow streamers, pay out performance bonuses and even buy merchandise.

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The CSPN Vision

Crypto Sports Platform will not only enable gamers to interact with each other anywhere in the world but also provide real world use cases for cryptocurrency by allowing anyone to bet on real esports matches that are being played through the platform. There will be an automatic burn on each bet to reduce the inflation of CSPN and the winners will get paid out immediately after the match results are verified. Game Developers can advertise and host their own game competitions, gamers can form clans, streamers can link their twitch channels and bloggers can create their own news feeds all on the CSPN platform which also allows tipping, subscriptions and even clan bonuses to be paid directly to anyone registered on the platform instantly and securely; thereby creating a gamer economy that supports and grows together.

Passive CSPN Generation

CSPN firmly believes in being accessible to as many gamers as possible and has implemented both a Proof of Stake along with a Proof of Service coin generation model. Proof of Stake (PoS) allows anyone to just hold CSPN either in their own wallet or in a pool like Simple POS Pool and gain rewards. Any amount can be “staked” but the more that you have “staking”, the faster you get rewards but this can be mitigated by using a “Staking pool” that effectively combines everyones “stakes” to increase the chance of getting rewards. This is an excellent option for anyone with a small amount of CSPN and provides a low barrier of entry (special thanks to Simple POS Pool for providing CSPN service). Proof of Service (PoSE) refers to running a masternode, which is a node
that has a certain amount of CSPN “locked” and provides “services” to the network such as “swift sending”. In return for providing services to the network, masternode holders are rewarded with CSPN at regular intervals which act as a form of deterministic passive income generation. The required amount of CSPN to create a masternode is 1337, however for users that do not have that much, shared masternode services (which Simple POS Pool also provides) allows for getting a smaller share of a masternode and still receive rewards on a regular schedule. Using both PoS and PoSE is the best way to generate CSPN, which can then be used on the CSPN platform to effectively play and interact with other gamers no matter how much CSPN you are able to own.

Known Team

  • Mason A. – CEO
  • Ricardo M. – Co-CEO
  • Patrick H. – COO & CTO
  • Martijn J. – Lead Frontend Engineer
  • Predu A. – Lead Designer & Frontend Engineer
  • Johann S. – Designer & Video Producer
  • Jared B. – Wallet Developer
  • Sejal P. – Software Engineer
  • Alexandros C. – Technical Support & Market research
  • Jay M. – Market Research
  • Don R. – Community Manager

CSPN Specifications

  • Name: Crypto Sports
  • Ticker: CSPN
  • Algo: Quark
  • Type: MN / PoS
  • Reward split: 80% / 20%
  • Block reward: 3 CSPN (annually decreasing by 6.7%)
  • Block time: 60s
  • MN collateral: 1337 CSPN (l33t)
  • Max supply: 13.37M (13,370,000)
  • Premine: 850k
  • Maturity POS/MN: 11

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