Simple Pos Pool listed CoinMegaTrend coin

What is CoinMegaTrend coin (CMTR)?

CoinMegaTrend created a stable platform for individual entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate entities to utilize their services to simplify their product, time, and investment management tools.


About CMTR

They are incorporating blockchain technologies, and business solutions for all users to access features such as fund raising, Idea forums, advertising, product research, franchising, software development, POS payment methods, with access to partnerships, and marketplaces both institutional and private while instituting a monitoring system, and Masternode for their platform community.

Investing in CMTR can give you a stable passive income when held in one of CoinMegaTrend´s secured wallets, which is encrypted, and password protected for your safety. The Xevan Algorithm is a Proof of stake Masternode system coupled with a low supply currency like CMTR, is surely a formula for success.

Within the CMTR wallet, you can send and receive your assets, seamlessly and privately to other users within our network, in seconds. Users can also send CMTR to an acceptable exchange for trading. CMTR will fund the innovations, Ideas, and market Millions of enterprise solutions.

CoinMegaTrend Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

CMTR Specifications

  • Coin Name: CoinMegaTrend
  • Ticker: CMTR
  • Algorithm: XEVAN
  • Max. Supply: 30,000,000
  • Premine: 350,000 (1.16%)
  • Rewards: MN 80% – STAKE 20%
  • Masternode Collateral: 5000 CMTR
  • Block Timer: 60 secs
  • MinStakeAge: 1 Hour

CoinMegaTrend Reward Table

coinmegatrend reward table

Where can I buy CMTR?


You can find more exchanges here:

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