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Whats is Chain Vertizer (CHVC)?

CHVCash (CHVC) is an independent crypto currency of Ad Exchange Network (EXN) – Chain Vertizer for alternative option of advertisers and publishers to pay for advertising campaigns and to be paid as publisher for delivered traffic to exchange network. CHVCash opens also another way to generate passive income for advertisers and publishers ( first passive income is from ads displayed on their websites ), coin holders and masternode owners.

chvc chain vertizer

CHVCash is part of family of supported crypto currencies on Chain Vertizer Exchange Network. We support payments in CHVCash (CHVC), LiteCoin (LTC), BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), SocialSend (SEND), AltBet (ABET) and in Fiat currencies via PayPal payment processor.
CHVCash is a crypto currency coin with slow increasing supply. There will be only 525 600 CHVC new generated coins per one calendar year. This will stabilize good price of the coin on exchanges for all sides of game.

CHVCash crypto currency have linear model of supply increasing, our coin don’t have any changes in rewards from mined block in future (stable supply increasing). ChainVertizer Exchange Network has been launched on 8th May 2019.

What does Chain Vertizer offer?

They offer ChainVertizer Ad Exchange to allow users, adverisers and publishers, monetize their website. For a better comprehension just read their TechPaper – You can already make use of the working platform if you have a website and wnat to monetiz it. Just visit their platform and create new account here.


Benefits from the Exchange network

  • Platform: Open a new account and use it for website monetization. It’s really easy to use the platform for website monetization.
  • One Time Payments: Publisher’s revenue payments from the exchange network go out strict on-time!
  • Passive Income: Get paid via CHVCash Crypto Currency ( ChainVertizer own crypto asset ) and build your passive income from website monetization, via staking ( Proof of Stake ) or Masternode Rewards by holding a masternode or using Simple Pos Pool´s shared masternode service.

CHVC Cash Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

Chain Vertizer specifications

  • Coin name : CHVCash
  • Ticker : CHVC
  • Algorithm : Quark Hybrid
  • Generating methods : Combined MN/PoS
  • Coinbase maturity : 6 Blocks
  • Transaction confirmations : 6 Blocks
  • Masternode confirmations : 6 Blocks
  • Target spacing/Block time : 1 Minute
  • Difficulty readjust : 10 Minutes
  • Masternode collateral : 1000 CHVC
  • Reward per Block : 1 CHVC
  • Masternode Reward  : 0.80 CHVC (80%)
  • Reward for Staking (PoS) : 0.20 CHVC (20%)
  • Supply model : Flat Linear
  • Initial supply : 40 000 CHVC
  • Total supply : 525 600 CHVC per calendar year
  • 21 024 000 after 40 yeards
  • 42 048 000 after 80 yeards
  • Initialization rules (Consensus ) : 3 Live masternodes
  • 4 Live PoS wallets

Where can I get CHVC Coin?

Through Pre Sale on Simple Pos Pool – click here

Here are the main CHVC links







Web wallet:

Why should you choose Simple Pos Pool for Chain Vertizer Coin?

Please read this post and see the reason why you should use Simple Pos Pool.