Simple Pos Pool listed BeeTok coin

What is BeeTok (BTOK) coin?

Beetok is a centralized platform which provides people with all the necessary tools for professional trade and high-speed transactions.

beetok exchange

BeeTok Business Goals

Development of a cryptocurrency exchange is a serious business. Developers must take into account complex logic and data processing for complex orders, partial fillings, cancellation, rejections, trailing stops, etc. At the same time, they must address issues of risk management, security, data processing, multithreading, and scalability – all must be in accordance with strict standards of state regulation.

Opportunities for monetization

You, as the owner of your own exchange, have the opportunity to profit from the exchange in the following ways:

  1. To receive interest for transactions Trade commission is the simplest and most common way to monetize crypto-exchange; it can be fixed, or may depend on the trader’s trading turnover.
  2. Resell the trading leverage (conduct margin trading) and profit from the interest collected for the use of leverage.
  3. To charge a fee for listing from the owners of coins and tokens

Fortunately, in Beetok, we live and breathe newest blockchain technologies. We are experienced developers, and we speak your language. Our programmers developed Beetok Exchange from the ground zero, first creating several basic codes before proceeding to the final optimal design. As a result, we came to the simplest, most powerful, and cost-e!ective mechanism for creating an exchange, which you can find on the market.

Customized solution

All solutions for the development of cryptocurrency exchanges, ofered by Beetok, are scalable, reliable, faultless, functional, and easily configurable. They are ready to help you develop the solution completely in accordance with all your requirements.

The key features of their products are:

  • Access to advanced trading functions
  • Centralized and decentralized deployment
  • Two-way authentication
  • Reports and diagrams showing analytical changes
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Anonymity with the use of data encryption
  • Quick and simple operations

BTOK Coin Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post

Coin specification

  • Coin Name: BeeTok
  • Ticker: BTOK
  • Algorithm: QUARK
  • Rewards: 90% MN – 10% PoS
  • Masternode collateral: 2000BTOK
  • Block Time: 60sec
  • Max Supply: 82.000.000 BTOK
  • Premine: 820.000 BTOK

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Where can I buy BeeTook coins?

Currently the presale is conducted on Simple Pos Pool under the Presale Policy