Simple Pos Pool listed Arch Trade Coin

What is Arch Trade Coin (ARTR)?

It´s the next evolution in automated trading using custom, state-of-the-art technical analysis indicators to profit consistently off of market volatility.

arch trade coin

What Introduction of ARTR

Arch Trade is the next evolution in automated trading that will create passive income for investors. Using custom, state-of-the-art technical analysis indicators, Arch Trade will capture trading opportunities in both long and short positions that other automation platforms do not monetize in real time.

The primary trading pair that Arch Trade will monetize is XBT/USD. Unlike other trading platforms, Arch Trade investors will be able to deposit BTC directly to the platform. Their status as an Arch Trade investor will grant them additional profit opportunities. Investors will be able to choose their risk exposure, aggressiveness, and short-mid-long term trading parameters. New trading pairs will be added in the near future to diversify profit potential.

Right now, the cryptocurrency space is changing very fast paced. Trends come and go quickly. Temporary excitements flair up and disappear quick. The one part of this market that remains truly profitable is trading, just like stocks in common markets. Arch Trade’s extremely intelligent trading algorithm gives investors a great opportunity to earn and grow their holdings.

Why launch a cryptocurrency if the bot works and is making money?

The only thing more valuable than our money is our time. With an input of capital, it will jumpstart the trading bot development and project marketing. Investors become shareholders. Investors will benefit from weekly exchange buy backs and a coin that is designed to be low ROI with growing value. Marketing is main non bot focus of team and will attract many new Arch Trade and Bitcoin investors to the project, resulting in faster project exposure and more value growth of investment.

What rewards do we get with Arch Tarde Coin?



  • Lukas Müller
  • Josh Chan
  • David Greenley

Coin specifications

  • Coin Name – Arch Trade
  • Ticker – ARTR
  • Algorithm – Quark
  • Blocktime – 60 seconds
  • Total Supply – 35.000.000 ARTR
  • Premine – 150.000 ARTR – 0.42%
  • Collateral – 5.000 ARTR
  • Rewards – 70% MN – 30% POS
  • Minimum Satke – 20 ARTR
  • Stake mature – 60 minutes

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Where can I buy Arch Trade Coin?

They are currently on pre sale in their discord