Simple Pos Pool extends the Experience Points swap for you

We recently swap all our users´ eXperience Points (XP) coins, however due the CoinExchange notice about closing their activity we talked with the XP developer.

We made a huge deal with him and he allowed Simple Pos Pool to extend the deadline of the swap till Friday, November 29, 2019, 6 AM UTC.

Take this advantage and withdraw all your coins at CoinExchange or any other exchange and send them to your account on Simple Pos Pool. If you don´t have an account yet, it´s time to create one and relax while we do the task for you. To speed up the process, we try to swap the coins on a daily basis, if possible for us. After sending the old XP to your SPP account, just open a ticket at discord and tell us your new XP deposit address. If you don´t do it, than it´s no problem at all because when we process it through the system we know your deposit address.

Happy swapping and hurry up because CoinExchange is closing soon.