Simple Pos Pool enabled PIVX cold staking

PIVX released it´s latest version with the cold staking ability. This brand new feature allows anyone to delegate their coins to someone to stake on their behalf. This PIVX cold staking feature allows every user to keep the coins on their own wallet and receive stakes even with a closed wallet.

pivx cold staking on simple pos pool

Many users wanted to stake on a pool but the security concern was a big issue because they must send their coins and lose the control of it. Now with the PIVX cold staking feature they can keep the coins on their wallets. The only thing they need to do is to delegate the staking to someone that has a wallet 24/7 online.

Simple Pos Pool has several wallets 24/7 online. We took one to stake for our users while we continue with the staking pool and masternode pool.

The PIVX cold staking feature is very easy to setup on the user´s side and Simple Pos Pool just need to whitelist the user´s address to start staking on their behalf.

Please read the tutorial realeased by PIVX to know every detail.

Our cold staking address

We have already some users staking with us and if you want to participate too, just follow the instructions from PIVX and use our

PIVX cold staking address: Sgj9puLnH6CtfKcb36naKWDEjbQnib5GA4

If you follow carefully the official tutorial you see that you´ll need the above address to delegate the staking. Our delegated staking is completely free and you don´t have to pay us nothing for it. Just take the advantage and stake your PIV without the need to have your computer 24/7 online.

The staker wallet need to whitelist the owner address to start the cold staking process. Please contact us after delegating the stake for us to whitelist your address and start earning stakes. The best way to do it is by opening a ticket on our discord or send us an email to info at

Please join PIV´s discord if you have any technical questions about cold staking your PIV.

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