Simple Pos Pool created the first shared DPoS pool in the world

The first shared DPoS pool in the world has just landed and is open for you to start with NULS

If you´re not familiar with DPoS yet, please read our previous post here

Previously anybody could make part of the concensus if he/she´s the owner of at least 2000 NULS. However the value of the coin is increasing and not everybody can afford beeing an owner of such a valueable asset. By knowing exactly this meaning, Simple Pos Pool just expanded the offer and added DPoS coins to its portfolio.  If you already know what DPoS is, than you just need to know how to start with Simple Pos Pool, otherwise please read the previous post where we explain DPoS.

simple pos pool created a shared dpos pool

We´ve made it very simple, like all other services we offer.

How does it work?

In order to participate you need at least 2000 NULS. Therefore we collect many NULS from the users and create one main stake input that´ll participate in the concensus. The stake reward we receive afterwards will be divided amoungst all users from that inputs based on the participation percentage of each user in that input. We´ve created a stake participation that is divided in 21 slots of 100 NULS each. Each participant is free to acquire as many as one wants.

How do I participate in the shared DPoS pool?

If you´re already a customer of our shared masternode service, than it´s really easy. Don´t forget to send at least 100 NULS after creating your personal address under deposit menu.

You just have to acquire at least one slot in one of our stake participation. Go to DPOS>Participate in Stake.

participate in nuls stake

You will see the available coins to choose from. Right now we have only NULS but are planning to add other DPoS coins in a near future. It´s almost self explanatory, but I´ll show you what it all means.

  • Date: when it was created
  • Coin: i don´t think it´s necessary to tell you what it means 🙂
  • Required Coins: the amount of NULS for this staking inputs that was established by Simple Pos Pool
  • Slots available: the amount of slots of this staking input
  • Coins/slot: the amount of coins per slot for this staking input. Just multiply the coins per slot and # of slots and you will get the amount of required coins.
  • Status: Start pending means we are collecting coins until filling the input to start staking
  • Status: Active means that it already started staking
  • Status: Inactive means inactive 🙂
  • Participate: the green button is for you to participate in that input

buy slot in nuls stake

Clicking on the button will allow you to participate in that input. Just select the amount of slots you want to participate and fill in the captcha. Even if you have for instance 610 NULS, the system only allow you to select max 6 slots (6×100). The remaining balance will be in your web wallet inside your dashboard. The captcha needs 5 digits.

select slot in nuls stake

You can follow the status by clicking on DPOS>My stake participations

When can I expect the reward from my participation in the shared DPoS Pool?

The rewards are based on a weekly basis and so do we share it.

What are the expected fees?

Since we are at the start and also for Simple Pos Pool is everything new, we established these fees:

  • Deposit: zero fees
  • Fees over the reward: 5% and we take it from the reward and pay you the difference directly to you Simple Pos Pool web wallet
  • Withdraw: a flat fee of 0.2 NULS

Our commitment:

We are one of the biggest and oldest pool on the web and online since december 2017. We are leading the shared PoS and shared masternode service and we’ve started right now with this unique service called shared DPoS pool and we have no comparison. We depend on you to help us grow and getting even better allowing every small investor to take part of this niche. Spread the word and give us your feedback about this service…. We won´t disspoint you.

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