Simple Pos Pool announces partnership with Swyft Trust

We´re happy to announce a partnership between the Swyft (SATC) cryptocurrency project, and Simple Pos Pool, surrounding the verification platform Swyft Trust!

swyft trust and simple pos pool

What is Swyft Trust?

Swyft Trust is a comprehensive authentication platform designed to solve the security needs of cryptocurrency investors. In the current crypto market, investors face a number of issues, particularly in the masternode sector, where many projects have recently been revealed to be scams. (for more information, click this link). Aside from this, investors also face security issues with many exchanges being hacked, most notably the recent Cryptopia and Binance hacks.

Swyft tackles these security issues through a combination of approaches: verifying the identities of Developers, as well as conducting security reviews of any platform that holds user funds. While other projects in the past have verified DEV identities (such as KYD), this authentication has proven to be ineffective, as many scams have been given their stamp of approval. Swyft has thoroughly reviewed all privacy, GDPR and data protection laws, and has gone through extensive security testing to ensure that all data submitted by DEVS is protected and secure, while still holding them accountable if exit scams were to occur. The market is changing, and communities are now demanding a higher level of transparency from the teams behind cryptocurrency projects. Scams and fraud are far too common for people to risk their hard-earned dollars with anonymous actors.

We recognize the changing market needs, and have agreed to a partnership with Swyft Trust to begin authenticating coins listed on Simple Pos Pool. As a promotion, Swyft Trust will offer 80% discounts to any coin listed on the Simple Pos Pool platform. Authenticate your project with Swyft Trust today, and bring a higher level of credibility to your project, and increase the trust between you and your community.

If you would like to authenticate your coin, please visit and fill out the “request” form, or join the Swyft Discord at