Simple Pos Pool and Simple Masternode listed Simulacrum Coin

What is Simulacrum (SCM)?

Automate the process of trading while having your own risk manangement set in place, call it Passive Trading and mirror any trades CROSS EXCHANGE. SCM aimes to provide a platform on which traders with different experience can register and choose to follow and copy the trades of anyone they like based on their past performance. Each master trader’s position will be replicated to it’s followers in real time, cross exchange!

So weather you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of trading and do not have the necessary time or you simply do not want to put the effort into, you can now follow other’s people trades completely automatically, without touching anything. On the other hand, if you are an experienced trader and would like to gather more exposure and create another subscription based source of income, this is the place to get into. The trades will be managed and placed on a series of exchanges that support our type of integration, starting with Bitmex and Binance, and planning to add more as the time goes by.

How does the Simulacrum website work? will automatically start assessing every master trader that has joined the platform since their registration. The statistics will always be on display, past performance will be a clue for new traders that are looking for someone to follow, a mentor and a new source of passive income. Crypto trading could never be easier! Equity curve, average monthly and yearly profit are few of the metrics that will be available.

  • 1 – Register and choose a trader
  • 2 – Tune your settings
  • 3 – Save it and you´re ready to copy the trader´s moves.

Each and every trade submitted will be placed in a matter of milliseconds to all it’s followers, this way assuring an optimal entry for every idea. Every master trader will have an option to set up a paid subscription for it’s followers, the platform will manage it for them and the payment will be automatically processed and transferred to their wallets.

Where can I find the product?

The product will be launched when it is deemed to be ready.

Simulacrum Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

SCM specification

  • Ticker: SCM
  • Name: Simulacrum
  • Premine: 500.000 SCM
  • Supply: 21.000.000 SCM
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block Reward: 10% POS (0.05 – 0.1 SCM) – 90% MN (0.45 – 09 SCM)
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000 – 25000

simulacrum block reward

SCM important links

Where can I buy SCM?

Currently you can purchase it through our Presale under our presale insurance. Please read it here

If you want buy one masternode or a staking package, please visit this link

Simple Masternode

You can also host your SCM masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer, after all you will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

If you want to learn more about it, just read this post: