Simple Pos Pool and Simple Masternode listed Masterwin

What is MasterWin (MW)?

Masterwin is the first blockchain master node with a Tombola winning system. Their project is a masternode coin with a tombola system in the background. The advantages are that you get the
masternode coins through a reward structure (reward system). By cooperating with various masternode sharing services, their customers can start earning from the first MW coin they bought. A masternode sharing system is set up in such a way that several coin owners together have a masternode. As a result, the coins that the masternode generates are distributed daily to all masternode sharing owners. This supports cohesion in the community.

MW Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

Coin Specification

  • Coin name: MasterWin
  • Ticker: MW
  • Block Time: 90 Seconds
  • Block Reward 1 – 9.6 MW
  • POS/MN: 100% MN
  • MN Collateral 4,000 MW
  • Coin maturity 61 Blocks

MW importantant links

Where can I buy MW?

You can currently buy MW on DelionDEX

Simple Masternode

You can also host your MW masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer. You will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

If you want to learn more about it, just read this post: