Simple masternode just improved!

Simple masternode just improved for the best user experience.

Several coins change its collateral from time to time and it was a real pain in the a*** when it came to change the transaction ID (TX).  The user had to cancel the actual Simple Masternode and order a new one with the updated TX.

After this procedure, we had to create a new VPS and delete the old one, but we know that time is money, and it could take some hours to complete the order.

From now on it will be possible to edit the TX directly on the user side for an order that was completed before. It still has some restrictions, but it works.

The restrictions are:

  • It´s only available for new808coin (N808)
  • You must edit the transaction index (INDEX)

Soon it will be available for all coins and it will update the INDEX too. In order to get the INDEX to the updated/new TXid you must go to your wallet´s console and type

“getmasternodeoutputs” or “masternode outputs” depending on the wallet

How to find the INDEX?

You just have to find the index from the outputs from your wallet like in the image.
new808coin masternode outputs

How to edit my Simple Masternode details?

Let´s update it now that you have the TXid and the INDEX. Go to your “My SMN” menu and find the Simple Masternode you want to edit. Click on “Edit TX

A new window will open with the actual details

Change the details to the new ones and save. That´s it. The IP address and private key that was given for the previous masternode will still work with the new TXid and INDEX.

Happy earnings


This is very useful if you have for instance 50 simple masternodes and the collateral changes. You can edit 10, start them right away without the need for us to update it and delete the other 40.

You can use our tutorials that can be found on our blog for more information.