Simple masternode cold hosting, our newest feature

Simple Masternode is reaching…

Regarding our latest post, the new feature we´ll start this coming week will be our Simple Masternode cold hosting.

What is Simple Masternode?

It will be our cold masternode hosting feature. You will now be able to hold your coins in your personal wallet and subscribe a VPS with the masternode script already installed and activated. You don´t need tech skills in order to use it. Like you´re used to our simple platform usage, you just select the desired coin and we prepare everything for you and guide you step by step.

Many services are already offering it and we´re just another platform, but, last but not least, we introduced a really new feature. You can get you VPS for free and earn money on top of it. Like Simple Pos Pool with a referral system, Simple Masternode will have it too 🙂

We have a 4 tier referral system:

  1. You refer Jack and you get 10% of what he pays us (1st level)
  2. Jack refers Martin and you get 5% from what Martin pays us (2nd level)
  3. Martin refers Joanne and you get 4% from what she pays us (3rd level)
  4. Joanne refers Austin and you get 3% from what he pays us (4th level)

This is really a game changer in this industry and you can be part of it.

We´ll start with a promotional price of 0.59$ during September and starting October it will be 1.99$, but wait, let me tell you how you can make money with it regardless the price you pay:

Let´s say the price is 0.59$ and you refer 2 friends, or one friend with 2 cold masternode hosting and they´ll do the same.

  1. 10% of 0.59$ x2 users = you receive 0.12$
  2. 5% of 0.59$ x4 users = you receive 0.12$
  3. 4% of 0.59$ x8 users = you receive 0.19$
  4. 3% of 0.59$ x16 users = you receive 0.28$
  5. You´ll pay 0.59$ for your VPS, you receive 0.71$ from your referral and you made 0.12$

If you change from 0.59$ to 1.99$ you will make  1.11$ profit just from your referral system.

What are you waiting for?

We have already a list of the starting coins in Simple Masternode (SMN), but coin our discord  and look for the channel #smn-proposal to suggest the coin you want to see in SMN.

The 20 most voted will be listed for free