I´ve been watching FunTime (FUNC) very close and thought: why not start a simple game?

We´ll start a game with FUNC, but later on we can use this idea also with other coins.

FUNC is based on the Euromillions, a bi-weekly game in Europe. They have two draws, one on Tuesday and the other one on Friday. Every participant chooses a ticket with at least 5 numbers and 2 stars. If the choosen coins matches the numbers that are drawn, than you´re a lucky winner with some million euros.

Simple Pos Pool will use the same idea, but on a different way. Just read the rules carefully and you can also be a lucky winner of a certain amount from a certain coin that we choose.

  • Every ticket will cost 50 FUNC
  • You must choose 6 numbers between 1 and 50
  • You need to send the amount you want to this FUNC address: fNEjscbqC31UoPsSaifaUcvWNtPc6TwX3B
  • Address that will acumulate the prize that nobody won on the previous week: faBJVkxmp5D2ghM88f4w8hXV7ZST8oRy1L
  • The explorer is:
  • You must send us the transaction ID
  • You must tell us your SPP´s registered email address
  • You must tell us your discord ID with #xxxx
  • The ticket you bought is valid untill th next Friday´s draw max 7pm UTC. If you want to participate for the next week, you have to buy another ticket.

Each Friday will exist a draw. Those are the number we take to find the winners from our game.

Let´s suppose that the drawn numbers are 1 – 3 – 25 – 33 – 49

Every user that bought a ticket before Friday 7pm UTC had also choosen 6 numbers and we have prizes for 3, 2 and 1 matched numbers.

  • Every user that has 3 matched numbers will divide 50% of the acumulated amount of FUNC from the above wallet.
  • Every user that has 2 matched numbers will divide 25% of the acumulated amount of FUNC from the above wallet.
  • Every user that has 1 matched numbers will divide 15% of the acumulated amount of FUNC from the above wallet.
  • 5%  of the acumulated amount of FUNC from the above wallet will go to the PANDA bot.
  • 5% is for Simple PoS Pool

How do I participate?

Just send 50 FUNC to the above wallet, or the number of tickets you want to participate and fill in the below form. If you´re a SPP user, just withdraw 50 FUNC or the amount you want to the above wallet.

How do I know if I won something?

Please take note of the numbers you´ve choosen. We´ll post the drawn numbers on Friday on our discord channel between Friday and saturday and announce the winners on Monday.

What if there´s no winner?

Imagine that there is only one winner of a certain prize or no winners at all. The acumulated amount will sum up to the next week. So the prize will be even bigger from week to week.

Good Luck.

Disclaimer: Your information will never be shared with third parties.