Sapphire mandatory wallet update

Sapphire (SAP) released a mandatory wallet update to version 1.2.3. We updated our Simple masternodes and all masternodes must be restarted. Our explorer is already updated too and you can find the version by visiting the link

You can use our daily bootstrap file in case you have some problems with syncing your wallet. This file can be found on the explorer link.

The github update can be found here: 

These are the updates from this latest release:

This update adds additional security to the MN Layer and overall code improvements:-

* Harden masternode winner & add state for ACTIVE masternodes
* Patch for compressor OOM overload vulnerability
* Improve masternode payment logic
* No longer allow multiple masternodes with same IP address
* Added all masternodes list to the GUI
* Clean up old spork keys and code relating to old keys
* Added spork for minimum masternode time winner variable
* Added spork for minimum payment time after wallet update
* Create testnet network and launch it

This update is mandatory, old wallet versions 1.2.2 will be disconnected via spork
as of 25th of May, 2020.
Please update your wallet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to remain on the correct protocol