SafeInsure will increase the collateral to 10.000 SINS

Safeinsure (SINS) is running now for 571 days without any major issues and the price was really stable during several months, but the time to change has come.

The SafeInsure team decided to increase the collateral from 1.000 SINS to 10.000 SINS. This change will occure exactly on Apr 17th, 2020 22:00:00 GMT. As usual we´ll update all our masternodes and wallets.

All running masternodes with 1.000 SINS on Simple Pos Pool will be disabled and we´ll add the masternodes with 10.000 SINS some hours before the change. All Simple Masternode users must take care of their wallets, update them, create a new SMN and restart the masternode. Don´t forget to disable the SMN´s with 1.000 SINS, but only near the change time.