PicPOTO swap to XVictus

The long awaited swap from PicPOTO (PPO) to XVictus (XVIC) is now live.

As promised, Simple Pos Pool will swap all the coins for their users, but we have to define strict rules because we have strict rules from the XVIC community. I will detail all the rules for everybody to know what will happen.


  • Swap starting date: 10 June 2019, 14:00 UTC
  • Swap ratio during the period from 10 to 13 June 14h00 = 1 XVIC : 2000 PPO (100%)
  • from 13 to 16 June 14h00 = 1 XVIC : 2666 PPO (75%)
  • from 16 to 19 June 14h00 = 1 XVIC : 4000 PPO (50%)
  • from 19 to 22 June 14h00 = 1 XVIC: 8000 PPO (25%)
  • These are the deadlines for XVIC, but for all SPP users their will be 2 hours less because we need to prepare ourselfes to send the coins
  • Please be aware that several syncing issues can appear that lead to not beeing able to fully confirm your deposit. We advice to make it on your own if you have PPO outside Simple Pos Pool