PACGlobal updated to version

PACGlobal (PAC) released some none mandatory updates. However we were having some issues lately with some masternode changing the status to POSE BANNED and we decided to update and resync all our masternodes. Please update your wallet to the latest version available from their oficial GitHub and check the status of your masternode.

You must run a specific command if you see POSE BANNED as the status. Log into your dashboard and click next to details of the masternode insie the SMN area to see your private key. Now back to your wallet, open the console and type this code into the console to re-enable the masternode.

protx update_service “proTxHash” “ip:port” “secretkey found inside your dashboard” “” “fee address”

  • “proTxHash” can be found by right click your mouse over the pose banned masternode
  • IP:Port should not be an issue and can be found inside your smn area
  • Secret Key can also been found found inside your smn area. If it isn´t available, just ask for it on our discord by opening a ticket.
  • Fee address is the address your created when your started your masternode. This fee address must have some funds for the fees.