Let us all help Deviant

As you probably heard it before if you´re following DEVIANT (DEV), they are developing their own DEX and need some help from the community. They are on the crypto scene for a long time now, passed through good times and not so good ones in the past, but they stayed strong and didn´t run away…

They are now asking for the community to help finish their work and need about 5000€ tomo move forward, as you can read in their discord. https://discord.gg/jZJXFXm

If you still believe in this project and want to help them finishing their work, just donate some coins and they will higly appreciate your dedication

  • DEV Address: dQJZW318FrkbY2h87yF4NGvPfFrbmDy7QS
  • BTC Address : 34rBcWEsPm25n8U1FCU6o5RpdH8Hnmx5Md
  • LTC Address: MKAb11L2LLRyLgyqzpsRBh2ExnrhTe5NY2