What fees do apply on Simple Masternode

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We have only one fee applied right now, but can vary along the time. If any changes must be applied, all users will know about it with a certain timeframe before they take place.

The fee is based on a one month usage for every ordered masternode and is 1.99$, but since we´re launching it right now (21-08-2019), we´ll offer some bonuses with fixed timeframe:

  • Untill the end of August 2019 – free (0$) for all available coins
  • 01-09-2019 > 30-09-2019 – 0.59$
  • 01-10-2019 > future – still 0.59$ because we are not sure when to update the fee 🙂

Please refer to the fee section that will be always up to date: https://blog.simplepospool.com/fees

These fees applied on the period after the bonuses could be always zero, just read this post https://blog.simplepospool.com/simple-masternode-cold-hosting-our-newest-feature