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This post is based on the fees that you can see here:

Yes, we do have a 4 tier referral system.

Promote as much as you can and you´ll be able to earn BTC from your referrals and have your VPS for free. Many services are already offering it and we´re just another platform, but, last but not least, we introduced a really new feature. You can get you VPS for free and earn money on top of it. Like Simple Pos Pool with a referral system, Simple Masternode will have it too ?

We have a 4 tier referral system:

  1. You refer Jack and you get 10% of what he pays us (1st level)
  2. Jack refers Martin and you get 5% from what Martin pays us (2nd level)
  3. Martin refers Joanne and you get 4% from what she pays us (3rd level)
  4. Joanne refers Austin and you get 3% from what he pays us (4th level)

This is really a game changer in this industry and you can be part of it.

We´ll start with a promotional price of 0.59$ during September and starting October it will be 1.99$, but wait, let me tell you how you can make money with it regardless the price you pay:

Let´s say the price is 0.59$ and you refer 2 friends, or one friend with 2 cold masternode hosting and they´ll do the same.

  1. 10% of 0.59$ x2 users = you receive 0.12$
  2. 5% of 0.59$ x4 users = you receive 0.12$
  3. 4% of 0.59$ x8 users = you receive 0.19$
  4. 3% of 0.59$ x16 users = you receive 0.28$
  5. You´ll pay 0.59$ for your VPS, you receive 0.71$ from your referral and you made 0.12$

If you change from 0.59$ to 1.99$ you will make  1.11$ profit just from your referral system.

What are you waiting for?