IQ cash was listed on Simple Pos Pool and Simple Masternode

What is IQ cash  (IQ)?

IQ.сash is universal large-scale blockchain platform for Investors, Traders & Miners. Its main goal is to provide instant anonymous online payments and investing. Cryptocurrency has millions of active users around the world and the number of people constantly grows very fast.

IQ.сash team has developed and created Masternode network IQ for investors. Now traders can trade IQ on cryptoexchanges. Investors with more than 3000 IQ can get passive income of 57% from the block, and miners get 43% from the block. The remaining add 6% reserved for DAO is used to invest in different trading projects like software, web sites, algorithmic trading systems, trading bots, startups, improvement of ecosystem and more.

This will allow IQ.сash to become a leader of crypto industry for traders and hold maximum efficiency and privacy payments among the largest financial companies.

IQcash Team

They remain anonymous as of the time of this post.

What does Simple Pos Pool offer?

We have several services available for all listed coins on our platform. The main services are:

  • shared proof of stake pool
  • shared masternode pool
  • dedicated masternodes
  • cold hosting
  • simple explorer –

Please watch this video for more info about our offers

Coin specification

  • Name: IQcash
  • Ticker: IQ
  • Algorithm: PoW + Masternode
  • Block reward: 43% Miners and 57% Masternode
  • Masternode collateral: 3000 IQ

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Wher can I buy IQ?

Simple Masternode

You can also host your IQ masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer, after all you will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

If you want to learn more about it, just read this post:

We never dump any IQ coins. Do you know why?

We use an innovative masternode fee system that allows us to earn and share with the user 100% of the masternode rewards. Every service needs to pay the expenses and we found probably the fairest way to pay our expenses. Just watch the following tutorial and you´ll know our secret: