Intermediate voting results of the simple masternode poll

We want to show you the intermediate results of the ongoin poll to list coins for free on Simple Masternode.

It´s really amazing seeing such amount of votes in such a short period of time and all the excitement to see a certain coin listed for free on our newest feature.

voting results

What coins are beeing voted on Simple Masternode?

We created a list with only 70 coins to be listed for free on Simple Masternode and if you haven´t voted yet, please click here

This list will be even bigger when time comes and we aim to offer the biggest list available, but this depends only from you.

What coins are on the frontline?

Right now we have some coins that shows us that could win this initial race, but like we said, it depends always on you. We created a simple graph to show you the actual pole position.

intermediate voting results

Please help us reach to the coin developers to let them spread the word within their community.