Important masternode fee change on 3rd April

We are trying to improve constantly to have a friendly user satisfaction and make you earn the most of it.

There are 4 coins that we must change to our flat fee paid in DOGE. This fee is 2.99$ paid in DOGE in case you have a complete masternode. If you own only 10% of that masternode, than you will only pay 0.29$ equivalent in DOGE. This fee is deducted on a daily basis and always based on the daily rate.

We´re the only pool that takes fees paid in DOGE and it makes us really proud. Why? All fees we get can be sold without having the need to dump the price of the coin if we took the fee in the same coin. WE MUST SELL OUR FEES IN ORDER TO PAY OUR EXPENSES. This is no secret and it has to be like this.

Let us show you 2 real examples:

  • Pool A takes on avg (like we started) between 3 – 5% for the fees on the same coin off the rewards. In this case sooner or later the pool will close because nobody can earn enough to pay the expenses on the long run. Servers costs money on a monthly basis.
  • Pool B takes a variable fee from the same coin. Variable can start from 5% up to 90% off the rewards on the same coin. The user will only earn a really small piece of his own coins and the pool will eran the rest. Those fees must be sold to pay their expenses. The price will dump for sure by selling these coins (90% of the rewards are a lot of coins..!) because the expenses must be paid. At the end the user will lose twice. On one side because the user receives less rewards and on the other side because the price got lower by the sales of the high fees of the pool.
  • There are a 3rd type where the user pay the fees with the pool´s coin, but we won´t go in detail because we don´t have enough knowledge to discuss it.

Nobody works for free

We must always remember it. Staking and Masternode pool must make at least some money to pay the expenses and also a piece for the owners, but we can´t forget that we use the client´s coins to make this magic happen.

These are the coins that we´ll switch to DOGE flat fee paid in DOGE

  • GoldPoker – GPKR
  • Klimatas – KTS
  • SafeInsure – SINS
  • Esbcoin – ESBC

Take some of your precious time and watch this video where we explain in detail our fees.

Don´t forget to stay at home in this tough time of Covid-19 and stay safe.