How to verify the correct blockchain

How to verify the correct blockchain?

Anyone that has or had one crypto wallet on a computer or VPS faced for sure at least once an incorrect blockchain, also known as sidechain. Normally this incorrect blockchain generates much more rewards because the difficulty is very low. However, all these rewards, staking and masternode rewards, are worthless because they were generated on a blockchain that hasn´t the same consensus as the majority of the wallets that are on the correct blockchain.

How do I verify it?

It´s really simple to check if you´re on the correct blockchain. You just need a blockhash and an explorer to parse the hash. It will always retrieve some info, maybe not the one that you want 🙂

Let´s give you an example:

Just paste the hash on the explorer and it will return the info. Used explorer is the Peony explorer or

Correct blockchain, the blockhash from block 638647: 6ae3b9d63a958d3eeb86d16330c08337003d732f8159a07e80f42dd6a9c16c85 returns this

correct blockchain from peony

Incorrect blockchain, the blockhash from block 638647: 6ae3b9d63a958d3eeb86d16330c08334003d732f8159a07e80f42dd6a9c16c85 returns this


incorrect blockchain from peony

The second image shows us clearly that nothing was found, so you´re definitly on the sidechain.

How can I find the hash?

It´s very simple. Open the debug console of your wallet. You can find the current block height under the information tab or just type getblockcount and hit enter. This will return a block number. Now you need to type getblockhash andTHEnumber and it will return the blockhash. Now take that blockhash and paste it on the explorer of the coin you´re checking. This procedure works on all coins, at least all derivated bitcoin qt wallets.

If you´re on the correct blockchain, than you´re good to go, otherwise you will need to resync or bootstrap your wallet to return to the correct blockchain. To resync, please close your wallet and navigate to your data folder. Delete all files EXCEPT wallet.dat and the *.conf files. The wallet.dat file is the file that has your coins. Once deleted there is no way to retrieve your coins unless you hold the private key or a copy of the file. Restart your wallet after deleting the files and wait some time untill it´s fully resynced.

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