How to enable or disable staking on your qt wallet

Do you need to enable or disable staking? Than read this short tutorial

The majority of the coins has coded in it´s specifications to allow staking (PoS – Proof of Stake), but sometimes it simply doesn´t happen and we have to do some magic. In some rare cases we don´t want it stake and have to disable it.

In this short tutorial we´ll teach you how to enable or disable staking and we use the PEONY wallet. 90% of the wallets are the same, but it can vary. In that case, please contact the coin team or coin developer.

Disabling staking can be very useful when you´re trying to create a masternode. You send the collateral and you´re trying to create the VPS but it takes more than usual. During this time the input could generate a stake and you have to resend it again. Having the stake disabled will help you a lot before you start the masternode because after starting it, the input will be locked and doesn´t generate stakes.

Enable staking

Open your wallet and click on


It will open a txt file and you just have to write inside the file


Save it and restart the wallet. That´s it

Disable staking

You have to follow the previous steps, but instead of staking=1 you have to write staking=0

What if the wallet doesn´t have this menu?

Many wallets have this shortcut to the configuration file built into the menu, but during the installation you can choose between the default or custom location. In case of the custom location we can´t help you, but if you choose the default location, it´s easy to find the configuration file. Most of the times it´s called nameOFtheCOIN.conf. Just open the default location depending on your OS and you´ll find the file. Just edit it, save and restart the wallet.






~/Library/Application Support/

This is very simple and it saved our life many times. We´re waiting for your comments below about your experiences.