Get your XVictuS now while it lasts…

For all PPO lovers that swapped their coins to XVIC (XVictus) know the hard work and love behind the scenes to have everything running smooth like you see it today.

We´ve received many requests to get even more XVIC, but unfortunatly it´s not yet available to buy anywhere besides the team. This is the main reason to start a presale of XVIC before it hits the exchange and Simple Pos Pool partnered with the team to hold the presale.

All these sales will allow raise funds to pay the exchange listing and we wanna help too. We created a BTC address for you if you want to donate some satoshi to help the team speed up the process. Here´s the address 33BiAuSbzHBh2xGGjFAWqWbmd2sP6ZXWnE